So how do banding machines work?

We're glad you asked. Although banding machines can be quite complicated inside, they are surprisingly simple to operate. They usually follow a basic four step flow


Arrange your items as you want them to sit after they are banded.


Place your items in the banding loop where you want the band to lay.


Depending on the machine, banding can be a completely manual process to a fully automatic operation. Explain...


Give it a moment for the banding operation to complete then simply remove your banded items.

Paper or Plastic?

When choosing a banding machine this is an important decision to make. Unfortunately there is no one size fits all answer, several factors have to be taken into consideration.



Being paper it's a renewable product, however it still has a plastic coating.
There's no getting away from the fact that it's 100% plastic.
Also, being paper it's not very strong, not ideal if high strength is required.
Gram for gram plastic is tough stuff, its what makes plastic so versatile.
The use of paper can give a pleasingly rustic appearance.
Plastic however can be relatively unobtrusive resulting in a clean finish.
A greater volume of material may be required increasing the tape costs.
Its lightweight and strong, it doesn't need much material to do the job.

Whatever you decide, paper or plastic, there's a banding machine for every situation.

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