How do banding machines work?

7th February 2024 by Simon

The quick read: A quick look at the simplicity of using a banding machine

So how do banding machines work? We're glad you asked. Although banding machines can be quite complicated inside, they are surprisingly simple to operate. They usually follow a basic four step flow

Arrange your items as you want them to sit after they are banded.

Place your items in the banding loop where you want the band to lay.

Depending on the machine, banding can be a manually triggered process to a fully automatic operation. 

Give it a moment for the banding operation to complete then simply remove your banded items.

The banding operation iself has three phases:

Tighten -> Secure -> Trim

These can each be performed either manually, automatically, or a combination of both, depending on the complexity of your banding machine.